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Using Appreciative Methods to Evaluate an Appreciative Inquiry Process: Evergreen Cove Holistic Learning Center

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Resource author(s): Kathi Kotellos, Sherry Rockey, Beeta Tahmassebi, Kathi Kotellos, Sherry Rockey, Beeta Tahmassebi

Key topics: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research, Organizational Development


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As evaluators have increasingly experimented with integrating Appreciative Inquiry in evaluation, none has applied an appreciative evaluation methodology to study the impact of a full Appreciative Inquiry process in the context of an organization and community. This article presents what we believe to be the first contribution to the literature in both the AI and evaluation fields of just such an evaluation. It examines how elements of AI were successfully incorporated into an evaluation that assessed the results of an AI change process.

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