MEASURE Evaluation Phase IV – Midterm Performance Evaluation

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Resource author(s): Lynne Franco, Svetlana Negroustoueva, Kelsey Simmons, Elisa Knebel, Sarah Lunsford, and Sabine Topolansky

Key topics: Health, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research


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The Monitoring and Evaluation to Assess and Use Results (MEASURE) Evaluation Phase IV project is the flagship mechanism for strengthening health information systems (HIS) in developing countries at the USAID Bureau of Global Health. EnCompass was contracted to conduct an evaluation of this mechanism. In this report, the evaluation team examines how effective the project has been in meeting key stakeholders’ needs. The team reviewed 104 project documents, conducted interviews and focus group discussions with 166 stakeholders and an online survey with 120 stakeholders. Findings from this report will be used to inform technical programming and project management activities, as well as future HIS initiatives.

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