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Enabling Excellence: Girls Succeeding in Zambian Community Schools

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Resource author(s): Vera Wedekind, Margaret Mkandawire, and Lucy Lisulu

Key topics: Education, Gender and Inclusive Development, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research, Youth


Related countries: Zambia

This case study examines two exemplary Zambian community schools where girls consistently achieve results above the national average in grade 7 national exams in order to build an evidence base for what works in improving girls’ performance in those exams. Several common factors emerged that contribute to an environment that has supported girls to perform above the national average in grade 7 national exams: free remedial lessons in grade 7, a sense of pride in the school by the extended school community, public recognition of good learner performance, support and mentoring of teachers by the head teacher, close collaboration of school staff with parents and community, an overall inclusive treatment of girls at the school, school staff and the PCSC actively working to remove obstacles to girls’ education, and a close relationship with and material support of the MESVTEE.

Time to Learn’s (TTL) Case Study Series provides insight into best practices in the education of orphans and other vulnerable children in Zambia, including an emphasis on Zambia’s community schools. Designed for policymakers and program implementers, these case studies focus on key research priorities identified by stakeholders in Zambia’s educational sector, including government officials, academics, and civil society.

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