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Decentralizing Antiretroviral Treatment Services at Primary Health Care Facilities

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Resource author(s): Diese Mulamba, A. Fullem, L. Hirschhorn, C. Allers, R. Oser, and Bill Rau, Diese Mulamba, A. Fullem, L. Hirschhorn, C. Allers, R. Oser, and Bill Rau

Key topics: Health, Technical Assistance


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This brief analyzes a range of program interventions intended to increase access to HIV treatment, including antiretroviral treatment (ART), in resource-limited countries. In recent years, the programs have been decentralized to primary health care centers and approached from a public health perspective.

The program interventions are grouped into eight major areas: 1) creating an enabling environment; 2) developing human resource capacity; 3) ensuring a continuous and secure supply of quality drugs and laboratory commodities; 4) improving the infrastructure; 5) building effective links among HIV services; 6) tapping into private- sector networks; 7) delivering quality ART services; and 8) addressing challenges that hamper service quality.

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