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Community Schools in Zambia: Stakeholder Briefing

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Resource author(s): Rebecca Frischkorn and Zachariah J. Falconer-Stout, Rebecca Frischkorn and Zachariah J. Falconer-Stout

Key topics: Education, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research, Youth


Related countries: Zambia

This briefing provides a summary of the findings laid out in the comprehensive review of community schools in Zambia, which provides an in-depth review of community schools, as they exist today, through the lens of two key questions:

  1. What common factors characterize community schools as compared to the other three types of schools in Zambia?
  2. To what extent do these unique community school factors support or hinder learning?

To access the full study, see Ensuring Inclusive and Quality Education for All: A Comprehensive Review of Community Schools in Zambia. Please visit the TTL project page for links to additional TTL Resources.

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