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USAID Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning for Sustainability (MELS) Activity in Peru

Project dates: 2019-2024

Client type: U.S. Government

Key topics: Learning and Capacity Strengthening, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research

Related Country(ies): Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Through the MELS activity, EnCompass and its partners are supporting the USAID Mission in Peru, including its bilateral and South America Regional portfolio, USAID/Brazil, USAID/Ecuador, and USAID/Paraguay. Working from a project office in Lima, Peru, our team helps ensure local practitioners use evidence to design and implement effective and sustainable development programs.

EnCompass leads this 5-year contract with support from All In for Development. Together, this team supports planning, design, implementation, dissemination, and learning from monitoring and evaluation activities. The MELS team also provides technical assistance and capacity strengthening for USAID staff, local implementing partners, and the Peruvian government, bolstering their efforts to achieve sustainable development outcomes.

For additional information, see the Peru MELS  fact sheet.

USAID/Peru Lessons from the Evidence: Over the course of Peru MELS, USAID/Peru has commissioned various evaluations and assessments across all its portfolio. Building on the findings, conclusions, and recommendations across these evaluations and studies, MELS carried out a synthesis of evidence gathered on key USAID/Peru development sectors as well as several meaningful cross-cutting themes.

  • Democratic Systems
  • Environment
  • Fostering Sustainability
  • Gender Equality, Inclusion, and Indigenous Populations
  • Migration
  • Organizational and Government Capacity Strengthening
  • Private Sector
  • Sustainable Economic Development

Reports and other published resources:

  • Whole of Project Evaluation of Alternative Development Project
  • Mid-Term Evaluation of the Economic Inclusion Project (EIP)
  • Impact Evaluation Design & Baseline: Transforming the VRAEM: The Land of Fine Flavor Cacao (English) (Spanish)
  • Study of USAID Support to Peru’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic (English) (Spanish)
  • Gender Analysis – Vulnerable Populations & Access to Public Services in Selected Areas (English) (Spanish)
  • Final Performance Evaluation of Three Global Development Alliances (GDA) In Alternative Development (English) (Spanish)
  • Environmental Compliance Review – Peru 2023 (English)(Spanish)
  • Mid-Term Evaluation: Amazon Indigenous Rights and Resources (AIRR) (English) (Spanish)
  • LGBTQI+ Population Assessment: Peru and Ecuador (English) (Spanish)
  • The Right of Access to Land Titling for Native Communities in The Peruvian Amazon (English) (Spanish)
  • Mid-Term Evaluation of Peru’s Natural Infrastructure for Water Security Activity (NIWS) (English) (Spanish)
  • Mid-Term Performance Evaluation of the Multiannual Operational Plan for DEVIDA Institutional Strengthening (PORI) (English) (Spanish)
  • Mid-Term Performance Evaluation of the Institutional Strengthening of DEVIDA project (FID) (English) (Spanish)
  • Gender Analysis of Venezuelan Migrants
  • Peruvian Youth Participation and Civic Engagement Assessment (English) (Spanish)
  • Civil Society Engagement Assessment (English) (Spanish)
  • Environmental Compliance Review – Peru 2020 (English) (Spanish)
  • Mid-Term Evaluation of Human Trafficking in the Peruvian Amazon (English) (Spanish)
  • Gender Analysis: Peru, 2019 (English) (Spanish)


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