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USAID, Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Program II

Project dates: 2014-2017

Client type: U.S. Government

Key topics: Health, Learning and Capacity Strengthening, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research, Technical Assistance

Related Country(ies):

Region: Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

EnCompass is responsible for multiple capacity building activities for the Africa Indoor Residual Spraying (AIRS) II program. Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) is a highly effective tool in reducing malaria transmission. This program is part of the President’s Malaria Initiative, which helps 19 host-countries in Africa and one region in Southeast Asia implement IRS programs and assess their effectiveness. 

With Abt Associates, EnCompass developed a standardized curriculum comprised of 14 workshops for the AIRS program. EnCompass piloted these workshops in Rwanda and Zambia, and then assessed the extent that learners gained knowledge and skills (Level 2 evaluation) and changes in job performance as a result of the training (Level 3 evaluation).  Since that time, EnCompass has co-facilitated and/or tailored materials for trainings in Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Madagascar. EnCompass is also overseeing the translation of AIRS materials into French, Portuguese, and Swahili.

The scope of AIRS work was expanded to include the Zika AIRS Project (ZAP), adapting IRS practices to combat the Zika virus in Latin America and the Caribbean. EnCompass designed a workshop for Zika entomology managers, providing materials in both English and Spanish. Using the data from participant evaluations, EnCompass wrote a Level 2 assessment report of the training.

Photo c/o USAID via Creative Commons


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