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New Project: The U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) Evolving Vector Control to Fight Malaria (Evolve) Project

Written by: Linda Quamar, Communications Manager,

EnCompass is excited to once again support and partner with Abt Associates to implement the newly awarded USAID President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) Prevention of Malaria through Vector Control (PMVC) contract to further PMI’s global commitment to end malaria. With this new activity, EnCompass continues its 10+ years of support to malaria control and prevention as well as its partnership with Abt in this effort including previous collaborations on the PMI Evolve Project and on the PMI Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Project.

PMVC is a new, integrated contract that focuses on increasing local investment and leadership, adapting to climate change and greener practices, and promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment as part of the effort control and prevent malaria. With PMVC, the team will work with country malaria programs to conduct indoor residual spraying campaigns to protect people from malaria-carrying mosquitoes in their homes and distribute insecticide treated nets to keep people safe from mosquito bites at night—two proven, life-saving malaria prevention tools that have helped save millions of lives.

Partnering with local research institutions, the project will conduct entomological monitoring of mosquito populations, their behavior, and their insecticide resistance and adapt as necessary to ensure the most effective malaria interventions are used. The project will also pilot and scale up new tools being developed to improve protection against malaria and tailor interventions to local contexts.

We look forward to continuing this impactful collaboration with PMI staff, National Malaria Programs, and partners to support the elimination of malaria.

Photo by: PMI Kenya

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