EnCompass can help with moving meetings online

Moving Meetings Online? EnCompass Can Help

Written by: EnCompass Staff,

Now that we are several months into this complex new reality, have you had success in moving meetings online? How are you and your organization handling “Zoom fatigue” and other aspects of working virtually? Or, are you still experimenting with how best to keep staff and participants fully engaged during virtual conferences, retreats, and other events?

Today, we are excited to announce the release of another new video, “Moving Your Meetings Online?” from EnCompass’ Learning and Leadership Development team. It’s a companion to “Moving Learning Online?” which shares some ideas for how we use technology and expert design techniques to support participants with rich virtual learning in virtual environments. The new video

Meeting the Challenge of Virtual Engagement

Redesigning in-person events for virtual spaces can be a challenge, but we know from experience that online learning can be powerfully effective. EnCompass’ experts are helping teams and organizations around the world and across development sectors design and produce online events that foster strong connections and are just as effective as face-to-face interactions. We have been leaders in this area for for well over a decade, and we’re ready to assist your organization. We also have a growing suite of virtual learning programs available through the EnCompass Learning Center.


EnCompass’ Experts Are Here to Help

Our design, facilitation, and production specialists are available to help you adapt your organization’s events and training/learning programs for virtual settings. Contact us to learn more.

Finally, if you’ve participated in an EnCompass-supported virtual meeting or learning program, we invite you to share your reflections in the comments below or by tweeting @EnCompass_World.

EnCompass Staff

EnCompass offers innovative solutions for organizational excellence.  We seek to enhance the impact and capacity of government and multilateral agencies, corporations, and nonprofits around the world through customized services in organizational and leadership development, training, technical assistance, and evaluation.

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