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Hot Off the Press! EnCompass CEO Releases New Book

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We are proud to announce the release of  Evaluation Management: How to Commission and Conduct Evaluations that Matter by our very own CEO/CFO Tessie Catsambas and co-author E. Jane Davidson. A co-author, with Hallie Preskill, of Reframing Evaluation Through Appreciative Inquiry, the seminal text on Appreciative Evaluation, Catsambas has published widely on the importance of incorporating an appreciative approach to management, learning, and evaluation.

In this eagerly anticipated new work, Catsambas and Davidson draw upon their extensive expertise in guiding evaluation teams, government entities, and nonprofit commissioners toward results that align with utilization and organizational learning goals. The authors go beyond the conventional boundaries of evaluation management, incorporating insights from project management, administration, logistics, budgeting, team management, leadership development, communication, coaching, systems thinking, and negotiation. 

Designed to support evaluation quality and use, the book goes beyond theory, offering useful resources and tools, valuable insights, and practicable advice for those entering the field, experienced evaluators looking to enhance their skills, and commissioners seeking to optimize the impact of evaluations. 

Emphasizing the importance of intentionality for equity, sustainability, and culturally responsive practices in evaluation processes, Catsambas and Davidson argue that such considerations are crucial for ensuring the relevance of evaluations and fostering productive stakeholder engagement.  

Readers are invited to consider how a holistic approach to Evaluation Management can drive positive change for programs and communities. In the coming months, EnCompass hopes to engage the evaluation community in conversations related to the lessons in this book, and we invite you to sign up for our EnCompass Learning Center mailing list where you can stay abreast of our upcoming events.  

Join us in exploring the path to commissioning and conducting evaluations that matter. 

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